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I have had 2 in my kitchen for 3 months and the kitchen is still crawling with roaches.In fact there multiplying.I have tried to contact for return but only receive automated options for further purchases with there associated companies.The have also handed my phone and credit card number to these companies who relentlessly called for more purchase from contact lenses to shop networks and stating the have my credit card info and will be happy to bill it.I have never seen such fraud and bold lies to a consumer about any product.It was an amazing waste if time and funds.

Review about: Riddex Plus.



SO tonight, I placed an order online for the whole 'Buy one get one deal'.The form asks 'how many do you want today', and when you have a BOGO deal at a store, you have to bring the two items to the counter, so I selected two.

I click order, and rather than doing what most HONEST websites do, and showing how much shipping is and allowing you to go over and confirm your order, it THANKED me and then informed me that shipping was 38.50 and my order total was 95.00... even though the *** thing was 29.95. I ahve to call tomorrow to try and get them to cancel my order, and if they don't, I'll go to my bank to reverse the charges and file a complaint with the BBB. FYI...

you can get them at WALGREENS for 14.99. Yeah.

Wicked pissed.BASTARDS!!!!


I was thinking about buying one of this Riddex products, But now thanks to people like you . I wond't waiste my money.

Caboolture, Queensland, Australia #22675

:( :x :? :sigh :eek

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #21961

Thank God for these consumer complaint sites.Your review stopped me from losing who knows how much money on getting rid of roaches.

Sure, it sounds good--who wouldn't like to plug in an 'electronic' bug zapper, a la Riddex? But it should work. This *** obviously doesn't, so thanks again for the review.

I'll keep on using boric acid, sodium fluoride, and arsenic until either the roaches die, or I do. At least, either way, I'll be out of my I(roach-induced) misery!

Pontonnyy, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation #18836

Riddex is prohibited by the FTC from selling their product however still do...product is useless

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #11719

I just wanted to express my thanks for the review as it stopped me from throwing away money and has spared me the dreadful experience of being target marketed to by companies that are fronts for what I can only call cyberthugs.These companies totally creep me out and as I myself have not had the time or energy to go after these slimebags,I really appreciate someone taking the energy to help keep an eye out for other potential victims of these scumbags.

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